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Banzai VBC is a family owned and oriented club in Omaha.  We strive to provide athletes with the technical and physical training to become great volleyball players.  We teach our athletes dedication and commitment both on and off the court.



Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, volleyball can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our club teams, you'll find Banzai VBC to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.


Do you love volleyball and want to take it to the next level?  If so, Banzai VBC is the place for you!

Many people ask, what is club volleyball?  Club volleyball is volleyball for the future.  It is an opportunity for girls ages 10-18 of varying abilities to develop their skills through practice and competition.  At Banzai VBC you not only train to be a great volleyball player but you train to compete with character.


Players will be evaluated on skill level, attitude and effort.  Basic skills include: passing, setting, hitting, blocking, digging, serving and communication.

Teams are formed based on player evaluation, player position and team chemistry.  Teamwork is highly encouraged and used as a rating element.  Understanding these events can be very stressful on young athletes, we strive to make this time positive and fun for all participants.  Coaches will evaluate each player and select final team rosters.


Each team consists of 9 to 11 athletes and 2 coaches.  It's important that our coaches teach and believe in our philosophy for a consistent approach to the game from year to year.  If we feel it is in the best interest of both the player and the team, we will ask a player to play up one age group.


Banzai VBC is directed by Bo Yong and assisted by Cassidy Simmons.  Our staff of coaches is made up of qualified individuals consisting of current and former college athletes as well as high school and college coaches.  All of our coaches are IMPACT certified.  Check out our "Coaches" page for additional information on each of them.


Banzai VBC trains at the Pipeline Volleyball Facility.   We plan to have two practices each week for all teams Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sundays will be for events or make-up dates only.  We also hold special training sessions throughout the season for athletes who want to expand their individual skills.

Practice time is dedicated to the development of all athletes.  Specialized skill sessions are incorporated with drills designated to improve overall and team oriented skills.


Position Specific Training sessions are held throughout the season in addition to the regular practice.  These sessions are designed for players who have chosen a position or want to improve their level of experience and expertise.  


Our on-site strength training program is for the complete development and care of our athletes.  


Tournament play begins in mid January.  Most of these tournaments are one-day tournaments, primarily held on Saturdays and Sundays.  Tournaments are typically set up to be pools of 3, 4 or 5 teams each.  Each team will play teams in their pool once or cross-pool.  Then depending on the final records and scores, teams will be placed in a Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc. single elimination playoff.  Teams are guaranteed a minimum of four matches in each tournament.


National Qualifiers are 3-day tournaments. Play will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Teams will be placed in a morning or afternoon wave for two days of pool play with all teams advancing to single-elimination playoffs on the third day


Travel events are planned based on each team's interest. We want to offer the opportunity for our athletes to be exposed to top competition. We encourage those teams to enter National Qualifier Tournaments as a preferred venue and a great experience. These tournaments are budgeted separately from the regular season dues. We recommend a minimum of 8 players to commit for these events to be scheduled


Any absence from a practice or a tournament must be communicated with your coaches prior to the activity.  Attendance at practice and tournament is mandatory unless there is a conflict with family or school activity.

Practices: You are expected to be in the gym, ready to practice 15 minutes prior to schedule practice time.

Tournaments: You are expected to be in the gym, ready to play 45 minutes prior to schedule tournament time.


As a player, parent and coach you are representing yourself, your family and Banzai VBC at every event.  Events include practices, tournaments, special session, team functions, etc.  We are a club that has a reputation for good sportsmanship and integrity.  Arguing with officials, players, coaches or parents is never appropriate and will not be tolerated.


Players must help in keeping the facilities we use clean.  All equipment must be returned back to where it was taken from.  Please clean up the gym of all trash before leaving.  When finished at practice or leaving a tournament site, clean up around your area (even if it is another team's trash).  This is a reflection on you as an individual, your team and Banzai VBC.


The website has been set up and is used as the primary source for communication.  This is an important feature to communicate with club members.  Practices, Tournaments, Updates etc will be posted here.  It is your responsibility to check the website regularly, as it is updated with new information frequently.  

E-mail is another important tool we utilize when communicating with players, parents and coaches.


Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete’s coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season.  Most often, the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.  Encourage the athlete to talk to the coach when she has a problem with her playing time.  If the athlete is unsure or unclear about what the coach expects from her, either in practice or in competition, the appropriate action is for the athlete to communicate with the coach as to what she needs to do to get more opportunities to play in matches or at another position. 

When parents have a problem that is specific to their own athlete, we encourage them to speak first to the coach.  Coaches WILL NOT discuss coaching decisions.  Coaching decisions include, among other things, specific match decisions (who played when, who was subbed in/out and when, etc).  Playing time is a very complex determination.  It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential and the momentum of the game.  The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations.  Coaches WILL NOT discuss any athlete other than the parent’s own or the actions of any other Banzai VBC coach.


Playing time is earned, not awarded.  Negative comments directed to other parents, coaches and players concerning offensive schemes, defensive schemes, players’ positions, who is playing, or providing excuses to players for poor performance have no place in our program.  Help maintain an excellent program by supporting coaches and players with positive attitudes.


Banzai VBC requires a “24-hour rule” for parents to discuss concerns.  DO NOT, under any circumstance approach our coach at a practice or tournament to discuss concerns.  Please adhere to the chain of command listed below.

  1. Athlete to Coach – the athlete should first speak to the coach about the matter.  If the matter remains unresolved or the athlete has a reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve the matter move to #2
  2. Parent and Athlete to Coach – the parents should meet with the coach.  Parents and/or athlete should contact coach to set up a meeting time.  Do not approach a coach at a tournament to set this up.  We have instructed our coaches to refuse to discuss and will walk away.
  3. Parent and Athlete to Club Director – the parent may speak with the Club Director and request a meeting with the coach and the Club Director together.


Banzai VBC will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, coach, athlete or another parent whether the confrontation is within the club or not. 
It is inappropriate for an athlete or parent to approach another Banzai VBC member about a problem he athlete or parent is having with a coach.  Any member who is approached and asked to listen or express an opinion about matters between two other parties in the club is strongly encouraged to refer to the complaining party to take the matter up with either the coach or Club Director.


All payments should be made payable to BANZAI VBC on or before applicable due dates.  There are several payment options to help accommodate everyone.  Please make sure that you make payments on time.  Players will not participate in practices or tournaments are past due.

Banzai VBC is committed to giving each individual the opportunity to excel in the sport of volleyball.  The directors and staff are committed to the goal that no deserving athlete shall be deprived the benefits of the club for lack of funds.  Banzai VBC already has a monthly payment schedule but if adjustments need to be made on an individual basis, we are more than willing to work with parents on an adjusted payment plan or on different fundraising ideas to make the club charges more feasible.


Fundraising to offset cost is something our club supports but does not mandate.  Proceeds from fundraising efforts will be dedicated to the individual participating in those efforts.